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 Preferred name: Nika
Skype: nikee.squeekie.bath.toy
State/Country: Utah, USA (Yes I am Mormon. But it's cool.)
What do you create: ART. I sketch some and can make a wicked picture in Paint. I do music too. Like, piano and such.
What do you like about Aradia<3<Vriska: 'Tis unique. And hatelove is the best.

Preferred name: Michaela

Skype: delugeoflightning
AIM: delugeofthunder
Tumblr: mugwumpquest.tumblr.com
Deviant Art: cardboardswords
State/Country: Massachusetts, USA
What do you create: I draw, write occasionally, and cosplay!
What do you like about Aradia<3<Vriska: Oh wow what don't I like. I hateship as rivals so I guess what I like most is that I think they are so evenly matched and can compete well. They also look cool and god tiers and revenge plots and Vriska trying to get Aradia to notice her and get on her good side and pulling out Aradia's negative emotions and wow sorry I have a lot of feelings about shipping. Also it's hot.

Preferred name:Pumpkin or Mh

Skype: Mhpumpkin10
AIM:(don't have one)
Tumblr: Mhpumpkin10
Deviant Art:Mhpumpkin10
What do you create:Artwork, and I can play some good flute :)
What do you like about Aradia<3<Vriska:Aah man I really like this shipping ;n; I think it's got a lot of base info that could really support it and I think the characters work fantastically together in a kismesis relationship! I dunno I just kinda get super excited thinking about this ship and think it really could go very strong ;n; I'm super excited to work with you all! This is my first time doing HSO so I'm kinda just freaking out everywhere ;n; I hope I can contribute a lot to this group and have a really fun time with you all!(And yes my username for just about everything is Mhpumpkin10 XD)

Preferred name: IM CHRIS

State/Country: You live in Utah, dickweed.
What do you create: IM A WORDSMITH

Preferred name: Teebs or Her Ladyship or Lord of the Dicks. Either or.

Skype: Teebert92
State/Country: Indiana
What do you create: babies. with chris. also dundee says i write well??????? i know, wtf, right?
What do you like about Aradia<3<Vriska: because its how i like my coffee: black and with two ladies making out in it

Preferred name: Sofee or Hex. Either!!

Skype: beyondhood
Tumblr: broodfester.tumblr.com
State/Country: Australia, QLD
What do you create: I draw and can write fics I guess. I could attempt ice sculpting?
What do you like about Aradia<3<Vriska: WOW what an amazing ship I mean the whole FLARP revenge cycle?? Pretty much my favourite part about act 5. And they are both have so much in common but are so different and I could go on but mainly it's because of this page. http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004176

Preferred name: Joe, Hungry, HJ if you don't mind a double entendre, I'm fairly easy.

Skype: justin.mcgown (I prefer to keep skype textual, if a call is needed I'll need to plan ahead)
Tumblr: http://grammarbutnotspelling.tumblr.com/ 
State/Country: For the summer I'll be home in Connecticut, rest of the year I'm in Pittsburgh.
What do you create: I'm a writer, I've got a tendency towards more action oriented stuff, but I like to think I'm good at coaxing characters into behaving believably and speaking like a real person would. 
What do you like about Aradia<3<Vriska: To be honest, I'm not much of a shipper myself, but I love the idea of exploring a black romance and viewing it from different contexts, and I also appreciate how it'll light a bit of a fire under my ass to write over the summer.

Preferred name: Kits
Skype: kitsweets
Tumblr: AlienDreamGirl
State/Country: CA, USA
What do you create: Fanart and sometimes poorly photoshopped pictures
What do you like about Aradia<3<Vriska: Fantastic feisty girls going at it? Power struggles? Canon? EVERYTHING??? gosh its like it hits every emotional button how is that possible

tuataratough (palhoncho)
Preferred name: Dundee

Skype: dundee998
AIM: misguidedmannequin
Tumblr: tuataratough.tumblr.com
Deviant Art: sims2fanatic
State/Country: Oregon
What do you create: Fanfiction, animation, drawings
What do you like about Aradia<3<Vriska: It breaks my heart that Vriska has tried so hard to get a reaction out of Aradia for so long, and Aradia is too wrapped up in her duties to reciprocate. I think that if the two of them could finally work together, they could burn the world down. Sexily.

Preferred name: Aubrey/ CaveSalamander
Skype: cave.salamander
Tumblr: cavesalamander
Deviant Art: crazy-book-worm
State/Country: Missouri/ United States
What do you create: Art mostly. My tablet pen went missing in my last days at college, so I have been restricted to traditional art. Might even be able to do something 3D if you guys really want me to try!!
What do you like about Aradia<3<Vriska: EVERYTHING!! Hate-romance is so underrated in all the popular ships, and these two are wonderful. It doesn't hurt that [S] Make Her Pay is my favorite flash of all time. Everyone else pretty much said all my reasons for loving these two and I'm kinda late to the party.


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