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 We have one week to pull this out of our collective asses. I know that the community has been pretty slow, especially since I haven't been on Skype a lot, but we should crack this thing into the ground! We've got a few ideas about what to do, and it looks like Teebs has some inspiration on where to go with this:

"underground catfighting ring, vriska and aradia go at it there regularly (exhibitionism?) gambling is a thing that happens at the rings"

I'm not too well educated on underground fighting rings, seeing as the only bits I've seen from that world are that one Sherlock Holmes movie and a movie I watched a year ago about some kid who learns how to box in Africa. However, I'm pretty sure that Fight Club could give us some ideas, so I'm going to stream that tomorrow when enough people are online. I've never seen this movie before, so I don't really know if it will be a great source of inspiration, but it should be fun anyway. Let's do some research and post the results here! Thoughts about what the plot will actually be are welcome, as well.

Maybe they've got a good rivalry going on in the ring, when someone tries to bribe Vriska into killing that Megido bitch in the rink tonight, and she decides that she really doesn't want to kill Aradia after all and throws the match. Of course Aradia despises Vriska for putting her in debt, and their relationship sparks up again brighter than before, because Vriska knows Aradia owes her and Aradia knows Vriska won't let her die that easily.
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